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Banish Dirt With Our Steam Cleaner

Increase your carpet's longevity by protecting it with regular cleanings. Hauge's Floor Care serves Shelton, Washington, with high-quality professional steam cleanings and odor and stain removal.
Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Health Benefits

Keep your air clean and reduce airborne germs with regular vacuuming and a carpet extraction once every six months. Carpet works as a large air filter by trapping airborne particles. While this can make indoor air much cleaner, walking across dirty carpet can release some of the trapped particles into the air. In addition to your physical wellbeing, having a clean carpet will also contribute to your happiness. Stop procrastinating and check your carpet maintenance off of your to-do list.

Financial Benefits

Protect your investment by maintaining your carpet and increasing its longevity. When sand and dirt are in a carpet they damage the fibers resulting in a frayed and prematurely worn carpet. Additionally, carpets reflect on your home and business. Promote a healthy environment and people will be more likely to return to your store or office.

Hot Water Extraction

Get a true deep cleaning with a truck-mounted steam cleaner. This method is the only one classified as a deep cleaning. All others are considered light surface cleaning because they are incapable of removing deep dirt. Other techniques can also leave large amounts of cleaning agents in the carpet. Shaw Industries® states that, "Research indicates that the hot water extraction system provides the best capability for cleaning."

Area Rug Cleaning

Bring your rug to our cleaning facility to have it properly cleaned. We clean any machine-made area rugs with various methods depending on the weave, fibers, and dyes. The rug's age is also considered to ensure that we can prevent premature wear.


Add protectors after each cleaning for continued production. Leading carpet companies, 3M™ and Shaw Industries recommend a protector after every cleaning.


Upholstery Cleaning

Keep your furniture looking beautiful for years to come by attacking dust and dirt on your sofa and love seats. Dust is the biggest culprit in the premature aging of furniture. It blows through ducts and windows and becomes embedded in the upholstery. When it is combined with pet dander, food particles, and pollen, the grit of these materials damages the upholstery. We recommend upholstery cleaning at least once a year—more frequently if you have kids, pets, or frequently cook, smoke, or leave the windows open.